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  Drainage Solutions LLC - St Louis Permeable Paver Systems .


Permeable Paver Systems

Permeable Paver Systems are designed to provide design professionals with an alternative paving solution to concrete, asphalt or similar surfaces. The nal area looks identical to regular turf or a gravel road, but can support anything from heavy vehicles, such as a retruck, to daily vehicle parking.



Gravel pavers are the ultimate product to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff and recharge the groundwater. The water is allowed to naturally drain into the underlying soils. Gravel pavers provide a solid ground surface that is strong enough to support light to heavy vehicular traf c. The pavers maintain the rustic look of a gravel road by transferring the weight of the vehicle to the base layer underneath the gravel to prevent rutting of the gravel road.



Reduced Storm water RunoffReduced Storm water Runoff The large open surface and bottom areas allow storm water to percolate directly into the ground to significantly reduce runoff. Reduction of storm water runoff minimizes the size requirements for water detention/retention ponds and can eliminate the need for large drainage systems.

A “Crusher Run” base material. 20-40% sandmay be mixed with the base material to ensurea porous base. Alternative products may be used based on availability, such as sandy gravel.


Browse our catalog for full details of our Permeable Paver systems and how we can provide you with solutions to your water management problems.



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