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St Louis Drainage Products including channel drains, Flo-wells, NDS drain grates, drain basins, pop-up emitters and PVC pipes.

     Channel Drain

NDS Heavy Duty 6" Channel is available with plastic, galvanized steel or cast iron grates and either steel or plastic frames. It is ideal for commercial or residential applications. Flanges on the bottom of the channel ease installation by providing a lip for anchoring, which ensures a straight installation and prevents floating. Dura channel may be cut to any length.



Flo-Well®, water can be discharged into the subsoil rapidly and easily.  Unlike competitive systems, there is no need for piping to transport stormwater to a far-off discharge point, large heavy equipment, considerable excavation of current landscaped areas, nor large labor costs that those systems incur.  With Flo-Well®, water dispersion is now easier than ever.


Yard Drains

Grates are one piece injection molded from structural foam polyolefins for maximum strength. Ultraviolet light inhibitors are added to prevent fading and cracking from exposure to the sun. NDS grates come in a variety of sizes ranging from 3 to 12 inches, and come in green, black, gray, and sand.


Drain Basin

Basins are designed for quick and easy drainage system installations in landscape environments. With new locking outlets for Spee-D Basins, installation times have been significantly reduced even further. The locking outlet allows pipe to be connected to the basin without the need for tape.


Pop-Up Emitter

Pop-Up Emitter - Larger 6” size prevents grass overgrowth around. • 6” Pop-Up Emitter with Spee-D Basin provides sump area to collect debris. Larger weep hole. • Connects to most 3” and 4” pipes. • Pop-Up keeps mice, rats and other rodents (even weasels!) out of your drainage system.


Metal Drain Grates

Metal Grates - Our solid cast brass and chrome grates are secured to a PVC collar with solid brass screws. The PVC collar can be solvent welded into sewer and drain fittings or pipe. The grate can still be removed for easy cleanout.

Brass and Chrome grates are recommended for highly visible entry areas, decks, walkways, swimming pools and spas.


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